Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm proud to be balinesse :D

Hmm... this is must be my first post on blogging.
Bali.... Bali.... Bali....
Who doesn't know about Bali?
The beautiful island with a thousands temple... yeah it's BALI!!!
I'm proud to be balinesse. Why? Bali have so many culture with their own rules.
I love the passion of fashion in Bali, too. Wearing such a "kebaya" and "kamben" is my favourite.
When I wear those clothes, makes me feel like the most beautiful woman. :p

Maybe it looks traditional, but sometimes fashion not only about the trend but how to make the traditional one become the coolest one!!! So, I'm proud to be balinesse and love to wear balinesse traditional clothes.

Here I am....
tradition and fashion
Do I look cute on Balinesse traditional clothes? LOL

What makes you beautiful? Just be your self and just the way you are....
See u on the next post... cheers...


  1. yes, Indonesian traditional costumes are unique and beautiful, and we have to proud of it :)

  2. yes indeed!!! and also proud to be Indonesian.
    thx for ur comment :D


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