Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Reeeedddd Redd!!!

Red Riding Hood is my favorite story when I was kid.
Red and White is the color of my country's flag.
Why must red? hmm... I don't know. I think they just love RED. -___-
Red isn't my favorite color but in Bahasa Indonesia Red means Berani (brave : english) and when u use something in Red u must be feel brave.
Last Sunday I went to a date with my boy and my sistaa. On that day, I think using an red outfit would make me look outstanding. And I prefer the red skirt to complete the day.
T-shirt - red flare skirt - tote bag
are u REDdy to go??
me and sissy :p
Just enjoy the post :p

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Euforia Nyepi

Yesterday on March 23rd 2012 was Nyepi Day
The Hindu people in Bali every "sasih kasanga" (ninth month on balinese's calendar) celebrating new year which is we called it Nyepi.
On Nyepi we usually do 4 rituals as follows:
Amati Gni : no fire, no light and also no electicity
Amati Karya : no working
Amati Lelunganan : no travelling
Amati Lelanguan : no eating

The day before Nyepi we called "Pengrupukan" and on this day we feel the euforia Nyepi because Hindu balinese usually make "Ogoh-Ogoh", a symbolic statues made of bamboo and paper which is symbolizing the negative elements or malevolent spirits and the Ogoh-Ogoh would be parade around the village. In Denpasar the ogoh-ogoh parade held in the city Garden, Puputan.

Me - The road atmosphere - canang (given to the god) - ogoh-ogoh
this is the part of Euforia Nyepi
I'm ready to watch the ogoh-ogoh parade
Waiting for my sistaaaahhh, puhleaaaseee she make me waiting so long -____-
Let's go!!!
What I wore:
Long sleeve knitwear - unbranded
Denim short pants - Wrangler
Sling bags - Roxy
Sandals - Guess
Enjoy the post, guys.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


What is PEACE?
Is that organization?
Or character? A symbol? hmm.... maybe an adjective word?

No, that is not PEACE....
I saw an article about PEACE and it said that peace is a movement that seeks to achieve ideals such as the ending of a particular war (or all wars), often linked to the goal of achieving World Peace.

Everybody wants PEACE, even in their life or where they lived. So do I, I love PEACE.
Anyway, talking about peace. My friend, Yonas gave me a necklace and the pendant was PEACE signs. It is very bright full in Shocking Pink. Aaaaaahhhh I'm so Happy and so thankful to Yonas. This is not only A pendant but also telling me that we must life in Peace.

I would share the PEACE for everyone....
Stay Peace
Isn't it cute? Thank you so much Yonas

Me With PEACE!!!!
Just enjoy the post and leave some message if u interested...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm proud to be balinesse :D

Hmm... this is must be my first post on blogging.
Bali.... Bali.... Bali....
Who doesn't know about Bali?
The beautiful island with a thousands temple... yeah it's BALI!!!
I'm proud to be balinesse. Why? Bali have so many culture with their own rules.
I love the passion of fashion in Bali, too. Wearing such a "kebaya" and "kamben" is my favourite.
When I wear those clothes, makes me feel like the most beautiful woman. :p

Maybe it looks traditional, but sometimes fashion not only about the trend but how to make the traditional one become the coolest one!!! So, I'm proud to be balinesse and love to wear balinesse traditional clothes.

Here I am....
tradition and fashion
Do I look cute on Balinesse traditional clothes? LOL

What makes you beautiful? Just be your self and just the way you are....
See u on the next post... cheers...