Monday, April 9, 2012

Dazling April

It's been a while am not posting here. Career always make me in difficult option. Sometime when I feel it is right but it doesn't.  Okay, forget about it.
OMAIGOD!!! It is April already. New month, new job, new career and new activities... I always happy when April come faster than what I thought. Last week, I spent my april fools with my sissy. we are going to watch in cinema. In cinema, we had a little arguing about what we want to watch. It is between Hunger Games or The Raid. Both of it was a cool movie.
Aaaaaaannnnddddd..... finaally we decide to watch Hunger Games which it is cast by young talented artist Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and the handsome one Josh Hutcherson.
green shirt - black short pants - brown sling bag - medal necklace - strap wedges
Wanna join me?
Aaaaaaa.... lil bit relax make me forget about my job for a while.
But the task is already waiting for me, then I have to do it soon.
Back again to real life....
Later I will share my Photoshoot with Bali Fashion Blogger Community.
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  1. Love your mint shirt Girl ! Nice look ! Kiss x

    1. thank you for visit my blog and leave a comment :D
      mind to follow me back?
      Cheers, Vira


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