Saturday, March 24, 2012

Euforia Nyepi

Yesterday on March 23rd 2012 was Nyepi Day
The Hindu people in Bali every "sasih kasanga" (ninth month on balinese's calendar) celebrating new year which is we called it Nyepi.
On Nyepi we usually do 4 rituals as follows:
Amati Gni : no fire, no light and also no electicity
Amati Karya : no working
Amati Lelunganan : no travelling
Amati Lelanguan : no eating

The day before Nyepi we called "Pengrupukan" and on this day we feel the euforia Nyepi because Hindu balinese usually make "Ogoh-Ogoh", a symbolic statues made of bamboo and paper which is symbolizing the negative elements or malevolent spirits and the Ogoh-Ogoh would be parade around the village. In Denpasar the ogoh-ogoh parade held in the city Garden, Puputan.

Me - The road atmosphere - canang (given to the god) - ogoh-ogoh
this is the part of Euforia Nyepi
I'm ready to watch the ogoh-ogoh parade
Waiting for my sistaaaahhh, puhleaaaseee she make me waiting so long -____-
Let's go!!!
What I wore:
Long sleeve knitwear - unbranded
Denim short pants - Wrangler
Sling bags - Roxy
Sandals - Guess
Enjoy the post, guys.
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